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We are Australia’s leading private bank and the trusted financial partner of a select group of High Net Worth individuals.

Our clients have access to a comprehensive offering, built around their goals, and backed by the financial resources of one of the world’s leading financial institutions.

We intimately understand the long-term view and our purpose is to help our clients and their families to create enduring financial advantage for generations.

A Private Bank relationship is generally of greatest value to clients who have in excess of $1.5m investible assets (excluding the family home but including super) or $2.5m in investments, loans and deposits or $400,000 annual income (all sources).


  • Leading Expertise
  • Exceptional Banking Services
  • Advice On Your Terms
  • Extensive Opportunitites
  • Exclusive Insights

    enduring advantage

  • Financial Advice

    Financial Advice

    • Financial Advice
    • Retirement Planning
    • Lending and gearing
    • Business succession planning
    • Expatriate and cross-border

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  • Specialist Advice

    Specialist Advice

    • Wealth and estate transfer
    • Tax advisory and structuring
    • Super and SMSF strategy
    • Philanthropic services

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  • Education & Networking

    Education & Networking

    • HNW-interest forums
    • Women's market team
    • Davidson Institute courses

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  • Everyday Banking

    Everyday Banking

    • Extensive branch/ATM access
    • Online and mobile banking
    • Premium packages and bundles
    • Choice and cheque accounts

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  • Savings


    • eSavers and Reward Savers
    • Term deposits
    • Foreign currency accounts

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  • Credit Cards

    Credit Cards

    • Low interest/fee cards
    • Reward cards

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  • Lending


    • Home/Personal/Margin/LOC
    • Fixed and/or variable

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  • Business Banking

    Business Banking

    • Business acounts
    • Business loans
    • Equipment finance


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  • Risk Protection

    Risk Protection

    • TPD, income protection, credit loan repayment
    • Home & Contents

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  • Comprehensive Advice

    Comprehensive Advice

    • Comprehensive Advice

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  • Issue-specific Advice

    Issue-specific Advice

    • Issue-specific Advice

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  • General Advice

    General Advice

    • Connect me to an investment universe

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  • Self-Directed


    • I choose my own investments

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  • Super


    • Savings
    • Transition to retirement
    • Retirement
    • Corporate super

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  • Real Estate

    Real Estate

    • Wholesale funds
    • Direct industrial

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  • Foreign Exchange

    Foreign Exchange

    • Hedging Products
    • FX Investment
    • Dual currency
    • Participation deposits

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  • Equity


    • Wholesale funds
    • Private equity
    • Discretionary portfolios
    • Private Wealth Markets
    • Online investing

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  • Cash, Credit & Yield

    Cash, Credit & Yield

    • Term deposits
    • Wholesale funds
    • Credit/Inflation- linked
    • Structured products
    • Hybrids

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  • Private Wealth Investment Team

    Private Wealth Investment Team

    • Perspectives from the Chief Investment Director
    • Investment thematics
    • Invitations to briefings
    • HNW investor sentiment indicator
    • Due diligence reporting

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  • Economic Research

    Economic Research

    • Westpac Institutional research
    • FX news
    • Institutional insights

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  • Institutional Research

    Institutional Research

    • Westpac economic research
    • BT market insights
    • eQR - equities research


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