We cater to the diverse needs of our clients by providing a spectrum of advice solutions, from the flexibility of execution-only service for wholesale and institutional clients, to providing access to external specialists who support our client’s personal and comprehensive advice needs.
Self-directed advice graphic

"I'd like to choose my own investments from the universe of opportunities. Provide me with access to wholesale and unique offers.”

Some of our wholesale clients like to take control and choose their own investments. We can provide access to wholesale and unique offers which take an investment thematic approach and allow clients to gain exposure to markets and sectors that they have a particular interest in. These clients are looking to partner with us to understand global investment themes and invest in opportunities that they may not normally be able to access.

General advice graphic

"I know what I need, but I’d like you to connect me with the investment universe, while providing general explanations of investments.”

For those who know what they want but look to their Westpac Private Bank team of market-leading specialists on how to achieve it. Together with access to extensive opportunities, we share exclusive insights, bringing vast resources of Westpac’s network to you.

Issue specific advice graphic

“I have some of my needs covered, but for a specific part of my wealth I’d like you to help me understand my situation and assess my options.”

Some of our clients are satisfied with their current investments but want to know how they can diversify into other areas and make the most of great opportunities. We engage leading specialists from our extended network to provide wealth solutions specific to your needs.

For exceptional service and a deep understanding of your needs