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Global Investment Services

Global Investment Services (GIS) is a unique service offered exclusively to high net worth clients seeking listed and unlisted investment opportunities in Australian and offshore markets.

Elissa Crowther-Pal, Head of Global Investment Services discusses how we empower our clients to realise their investment potential through our thematic led solutions and exclusive growth opportunities.

We observe the key local and global market events and the meaning for investors. We identify key themes within these markets, filtering the ‘noise’ to provide insight and actionable ideas.

Global Investment Services provides exclusive access to insights, expertise and sophisticated investment opportunities for wholesale, high net worth clients of the Westpac Group.

  • Our unique thematic approach supported by robust due diligence and ongoing reporting

  • Sophisticated trading solutions, managed funds and exchange traded funds which are aligned to our unique investment themes

  • Global opportunities across cash, fixed income and credit, equities, real estate, structured notes, managed solutions, venture capital and private equity

  • Insights from an experienced investment team who narrow the macroeconomic picture down to specific investment opportunities

  • Ongoing custody, administration and tax reporting service

Our clients can access an execution service in listed markets providing market insights, real time information and high-quality investment execution. Clients can access large block trades through a safe and secure platform and take advantage of sophisticated trading solutions such as algorithmic tools and off-market liquidity.

We provide a global approach to investing across equities, exchange traded funds and global depositary receipts of leading global companies and stock indices, including the S&P 500, DAX 30 and FTSE 100. Our experienced team sets us apart from peers by delivering access to trading insights and opportunities.

Our clients

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds each with their own unique objectives when it comes to managing wealth.

Whether you’re seeking expertise following a large liquidity event such as the sale of a business, holding a large cash position with a specific purpose, moving to Australia via the Government’s Significant Investor Visa, or looking for help to transition assets to the next generation, we can help you manage your wealth in an integrated way.